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        Air Heater

          Company Introduction Acirc nbsp We are efficient in resolving contingent problems, and use of energy underneath this big proposition of continued healthy and safe and environmentally friendly p...
        Kompass Korea Co., Ltd.
        Free Member
        • Model : 50000-400000 cal air heater
        • Min Order : 1 Set
        • FOB Price : 750 Set
        • Supplying Abbility : 1Acre / Day
        • Business Type: Manufacturing
        • Total Annual Sales Volume : 10 - 25
        Qingzhou Hengyuan Temperature-Controlled Equipment Co., Ltd.
        Free Member
        • Model : JER2500JER5000
        • Min Order : 10 Piece
        • Delivery Time : 25days
        • Business Type: Manufacturing
        • Total Annual Sales Volume : 2.5 - 10

        • Brand Name: Cold Winter
        • Product introduction: Name: Heat pump water heater Model: CW083: Voltage: 110V/220V Power: 8300 W Temperature: 55 degrees Celsius Frequency: 50/60Hz Colour: White Packaging size: 95 46 60...
        Changsha Cold Winter Household Appliances co.LTD
        Free Member
        • Brand Name: zhongcheng
        • Size: 370*140*170
        • Used in different fields like transportation vehicles, recreational vehicles, engineering machinery, crane, and ship.Preheating, defrosting window glass and heating and insulation of moving cab and...
        shandong wanshine tires co., ltd
        Free Member
        • Brand Name: DYDTEC
        • IL Air Direct-combustion Heating Burner IL series burners are designed by Comtherm U.K to heat fresh air, medium amp amp low-temperature air direct combustion . They are used for processes su...
        Shanghai DYDTEC Combustion Equipment Co.,Ltd.
        Free Member
        • Brand Name: LANSITE
        • Voltage: 230V
        • Power: 3500W
        • Frequency: 60Hz
        • Weight: 1.6kgs
        Free Member
          Characteristics Temperature self-control, power will be cut off by thermostat if there is no wind, can be manual reset Multiple insulation protection, internal electric strength is up to 2000VAC, e...
        Shanghai Pake Thermistor Ceramics Co., Ltd.
        Free Member
          China industrial radiator with aluminum fin This kind of heat exchangers are to use amp nbsp steam, conduction oil and hot water amp nbsp etc. to radiate the heat to air to the required temperature...
        Wuxi Quanbang Energy Co., Ltd
        Free Member
          1pt single scrabbler, 3M safety products, 85 pcs tool kit, Absorbent granules, Absorbent pillows , Absorbent rolls, Absorbents booms , Absorbents pads , Air heater, Air ventilation , blower, Air ve...
        Carmos Trading Fze
        Free Member
        • Brand Name: NC125
        • We Offer best Quailty Air heater for the poultry shed and Aminal Shed. It amp nbsp is a computerized design amp nbsp low fuel consmption and gives a miximum efficincy.it is termendesly out class de...
        RHAMEC Pakistan
        Free Member
        • Brand Name: HC fin tube heater
        • fin heater Material:stainless steel Various sizes, high quality Quick temperature rising Fin heating element is of coiling or stamping metal heat sinks on the surface of electric heating tube.Compa...
        Yancheng Hongchuang Electric Machinery CO., LTD.
        Free Member
          1.Super energy saving, high heat utilization. 2.Fresh air and suitable temperature. 3.Long service time. 4.Easy operation, maintain conveniently, full automated machine. 5.Top exhaust, easy for use...
        Shandong Qingzhou Hangyu Machinery Co.Ltd
        Free Member
        • Brand Name: Thermal International
        • Specifications amp nbsp amp nbsp PTC air heaters/PTC Heater, is amp nbsp consisting of one or more PTC heating element s combined in parallel with two aluminum radiator with silicon paste. It i...
        Thermal International CO., LTD
        Free Member
        • Brand Name: Zhuomao
        • 3 independent control heaters top and bottom heaters are hot-air heating, the third IR preheating area 350x260mm is infrared heating, temperature accuracy within 3 degrees, the top and bottom he...
        Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology Co., Ltd
        Free Member

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        If you were searching for air heaters over internet and want to buy them in lest prices then you have come to the right place. Tradekey is leading B2B portal where we have a large number of buyers and sellers listed selling their high quality products, air heaters are one of them. Buying online is not so easy, but Tradekey has made it simple. We have brought trade to the desktops of manufacturers and suppliers. Air heaters are the most useful products in those areas where weather remains cold most of the time. These high quality air heaters are the need of every home and office. Because of their compact size you can place them anywhere in the room or office. They are available in various size and design,. You can choose the size according to your requirement. Designs are also available to match your room specifications. Contact any of the suppliers for orders or inquiries.